Are grand rapids schools closed tomorrow?

The most recent closures and delays are listed here when there are active closures. The process of expelling a child from school diverts the attention of staff when their presence is needed to perform other important tasks during a warning. Some of these cases in which the university may close are winter weather conditions or power outages, in addition to any other unexpected cases that prevent normal business operations. In the event of early dismissal, the notification will be sent immediately through SchoolMessenger, the district's website, and local news stations.

If the school district has canceled daytime operations, but intends to celebrate its nighttime activities, the GRCC will conduct its classes. The GRPS informs parents, students and the community if a school or the entire district must close due to adverse weather or operation-related conditions (e.g., when school closes due to winter weather conditions, all extracurricular activities for the day will be canceled, unless otherwise specified by the superintendent).

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