Cranbrook school london?

Cranbrook is unique in the state sector.

Cranbrook School

(formerly Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School) is a state-funded boarding school and mixed primary day school in the market town of Cranbrook, Kent, England.


School is a unique state elementary school and boarding school for girls and boys in the heart of the Kent countryside. We have been educating students for more than 500 years, helping them to develop their true potential through our core values of kindness, integrity, curiosity, aspiration and individuality.

Boarding at Cranbrook is fun, busy and happy, and lifelong friendships are made with children from all over the world. The painting was later returned to school with official NASA verification that it had traveled to space. It will allow schools and the department to more quickly and accurately identify people who participate in governance and who govern in more than one context. All governing bodies of schools and academic trusts maintained have a legal obligation to provide all governance information requested on this page to the extent available to them.

The library also houses the original royal charter that Queen Elizabeth I granted to the school in 1588.This field shows whether a student's family has declared that they are entitled to free school meals, as reported in the annual spring school census. Cranbrook's joint curriculum aims to ignite fires in the hearts of young people by encouraging enthusiasm and talent outside the classroom, allowing them to thrive and bringing them lifelong joy. This field does not show the students who actually received free school meals, but rather the percentage of those who are eligible to receive them. In his will, he decreed that if his daughter's son was a girl, his mansion would become a free school for poor Cranbrook children.

In 2003, former student Piers Sellers, a NASA astronaut, took with him a copy of the school's statute to space. This field does not show the students who actually received free school meals, but rather the number of people who are eligible to receive them. It was formerly the school lobby, but it became a library when the number of students became too large to fit in the hallway. This information is compiled on the basis of data returned by establishments on the situation of their establishments on the third Thursday of January, in the spring school census data collection statement.

The figures used are the figures from the performance table, which ensures that the GIAS and the Find and Compare Schools in England service are consistent.

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