What high schools are in kalamazoo michigan?

The people of Kalamazoo are incredibly proud of their city and of this school district. I invite you to get to know our district and to share our pride and achievements. Memorial Day; all buildings are closed. Order tickets online or buy them at the door.

All spectators must sit in the stands. You will not be allowed to play in the long jump zone or stand next to the fences. KC is a smoke-free environment for everyone, including adults. Vaporizers and other electronic smoking devices are not allowed; leave those items at home or in your car.

Cursing or refusing to follow instructions from campus security, help with games, administration, or help from an adult could result in a student being removed from the game and the privilege of being a spectator suspended during the winter. We appreciate the support of the community and want all of our viewers to feel welcome and comfortable. Parents, please talk to your students about the general expectations for attending sporting events (i.e., following adult instructions, using appropriate language, not throwing objects, staying in their seats focused on the soccer game and encouraging the Giants to victory, etc. Straka.

Have you moved? Do you have a new phone number or email? Update your contact information with the school office to ensure a good flow of information between school and home. GreatSchools is the leading non-profit organization that provides high-quality information that helps parents seek an excellent education for their children, schools that seek excellence, and communities that work to reduce inequalities in education. Middle and elementary school students attending KC soccer games must attend with a parent or guardian. Elementary and middle school students will not be able to purchase a ticket unless accompanied by an adult.

Public high schools in Kalamazoo County, MI, and private high schools in Kalamazoo County, MI are listed below with information to help you choose the best school.

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