What schools are in lansing?

Calvin Coolidge School (K-5th grade). Last day of school for students, a graduate of Lansing, Ivey Card has started her first semester at the Rochester Institute of Technology (R, I, T. Lansing participates in summer meals and offers 7 days of breakfast and lunch in bulk every week). Delivery if you reside in the school district and pickup available if not.

Meals will begin on Wednesday, July 7 and will continue throughout the month. We will inspire our students to be informed, responsible, healthy and compassionate citizens. Our vision is to create an educational environment in which our students, teachers and community members thrive in an atmosphere that encourages independent thinking, mastery, and individual success. In addition to pursuing high academic achievement for all, we will adopt and improve each child's unique abilities, helping to forge the connection between education and opportunities.

Report cards include student scores on the performance tests of the Illinois and Prairie State and ACT standards, demographic information on students and teachers, and financial information on school districts. GreatSchools is the leading non-profit organization that provides high-quality information that helps parents seek an excellent education for their children, schools that seek excellence, and communities that work to reduce inequalities in education. The village has two elementary school districts, a high school district, and several private and parochial school systems. School Report Every year, the State Board of Education releases school report cards for every public school in the state.

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