Will Grand Rapids Schools be Open Tomorrow?

Welcome to the Grand Rapids Public School District (GRPS). On November 8th, the ISD 318 School Board held a workshop to discuss options for reducing taxes and the impact on ISD 318 residents. GRPS has several ways of informing parents, students, and the community if a school or the entire district must close due to adverse weather conditions or operational reasons (e.g.

power outages

, public health concerns, etc.).The district will make every effort to keep schools open and operating as normal.

However, if conditions require a school closure, GRPS will use a variety of methods to communicate the closure. These include:

  • District website
  • District social media accounts
  • Local media outlets
  • Phone calls and emails to families
In addition, GRPS will post updates on its website and social media accounts regarding any changes in school operations due to weather or other circumstances. It is important for parents and students to check these sources regularly for the most up-to-date information. If a school closure is necessary, GRPS will make every effort to provide as much advance notice as possible. However, due to the unpredictable nature of weather and other circumstances, it may not always be possible to provide advance notice.

In such cases, GRPS will make every effort to communicate the closure as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about school closures or other changes in school operations, please contact your local school or the GRPS Central Office.

Mike Martin
Mike Martin

Mike Martin is a seasoned guide adept at assisting students in their preparation for admissions tests. Holding a Master's degree in Education from the prestigious University of Cambridge, Mike is deeply committed to offering invaluable advice and effective strategies to help students succeed. His expertise in the educational field is geared towards ensuring students are well-prepared and confident as they approach these crucial assessments.

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