How large is cranbrook campus?

Our graduates often say that their time here is spent “living in a design storybook”. The community is a 319-acre campus located just outside of Detroit, Michigan, filled with woods, lakes, streams, landscaped courtyards and carefully constructed buildings. Comprised of college-preparatory day educational institutions and boarding schools for students from early childhood to the twelfth grade, Cranbrook schools are dedicated to excellence in all aspects of education. Over the years, the Cranbrook children's school campus grew to include Stevens Hall, Page Hall and Coulter Hall.

Cranbrook, surely more than any other institution, has the right to consider itself synonymous with contemporary American design. During his visit, he requested a studio space where he could compose, and Sepeshy moved the piano from Cranbrook House to St. For the Booths and Saarinen, the conception and design of the Cranbrook and Kingswood schools were heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement, which began in 19th century England. Instead of the various buildings that housed the Cranbrook Children's School, Kingswood's Cranbrook School was contained in a single building that included all the necessary features, including bedrooms, a dining room, an auditorium, classrooms, a bowling alley, a ballroom, and living rooms and common areas.

Cranbrook House and Gardens, the centerpiece of Cranbrook's educational community, was designed by renowned Detroit architect Albert Kahn in 1908.Booth wanted the Cranbrook School to have an architecture reminiscent of the best British boarding schools; he hired the Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen to design the campus. In 1985, Cranbrook and Kingswood schools merged to create a blended higher education institution. The Cranbrook Institute of Science is a museum of natural history and science that encourages its members and visitors a passion for understanding the world around them. The 1908 English Arts and Crafts style house was designed by Albert Kahn for the founders of Cranbrook, George Booth and Ellen Scripps Booth.

Cranbrook, which comprises a graduate Academy of Art, a Museum of Contemporary Art, a House and Gardens, a Science Institute and a pre-kindergarten, plus 12 independent university preparatory schools, welcomes thousands of visitors and students to its campus every year. The guild was founded in 1932 by Henry Scripps Booth, son of Cranbrook founders George and Ellen Booth. Unlike Cranbrook Children's School, which has several buildings, Kingswood School has a single building, which includes support facilities. Cranbrook Kingswood accepts just under half of the applicants, placing it in the 25% of the most selective high schools in the United States.

Traditionally, the Cranbrook School also has an exchange program with the Cranbrook School of Kent, a boarding school in Cranbrook, Kent, England, in honor of George Booth's legacy.

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