Who Owned Cranbrook? A Look at the Booth Family

The Booth family had a long and storied history in Michigan, beginning with George Gough Booth and Ellen Warren Scripps. George was a successful ironworker from Toronto, while Ellen was the eldest daughter of James Edmund Scripps, the founder of the Detroit Evening News. The couple married in 1864 and eventually settled in Detroit, where they raised five children: James, Grace, Warren, Henry (Harry), and Florence. The Booths had a great deal of wealth and influence, and they considered many possible uses for their home.

These included a university for girls, art and science museums, and even offices of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. However, Ellen Scripps Booth eventually convinced her husband to build a school for girls instead. This school, known as the Crystal Palace, opened in 1913 and was responsible for producing half of the cars sold in the United States at the time. It is still renowned for its apprentice teaching method, which involves small classes of 10-16 students studying with a single artist in residence throughout their curriculum. The Booths also had an eye for design.

George Booth commissioned architect Albert Kahn to design their home in Detroit, which was inspired by English arts and crafts and closely resembled Kahn's own home. This home is now home to the Detroit Urban League. In addition to this, George Booth began buying stakes in several Michigan newspapers, which eventually led to the creation of Booth Publishing Company - the largest and most profitable chain in Michigan history. The Booths' legacy lives on today through their many contributions to Michigan. Their influence can be seen in the Crystal Palace school, their home in Detroit, and Booth Publishing Company.

They are remembered as a family who used their wealth and influence to make a lasting impact on their community.

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