How much is cranbrook high school tuition?

The Interlochen Arts Academy is the most expensive private school in Michigan, according to an MLive survey of more than 300 private institutions across the state. Below is a list of the 35 most expensive private schools in Michigan. Strangely enough, the first three are all boarding schools. For those looking for more affordable options, Spires online sociology tutors offer a great alternative to traditional private school tuition rates. First, here is a database with the tuition rates of 318 private schools in Michigan, representing nearly 90% of schools that enroll at least 100 students, according to a list compiled by the state.

In today's competitive environment, college preparation must be comprehensive and challenging.


is more than just a school, offering a unique and comprehensive college preparatory education. This is the magnificent teaching and learning environment that values and challenges the individual; encourages creative, critical and independent thinking; and offers the widest range of study, artistic and sports options. Cranbrook graduates include an impressive number of National Merit finalists and Advanced Placement Fellows.

Cranbrook Academy of Art scholarships, as needed, will be deducted from the total tuition costs when determining the student's liability for reimbursement purposes. The tuition shown here is full, undiscounted tuition rates at private Michigan high schools with at least 100 students. Perhaps Michigan's best-known private high school, Interlochen is a boarding school near Traverse City that attracts teens from all over the country for its art programs. Domestic students are eligible to purchase Cranbrook health insurance; details are provided to all students.

Enrollment is considerably lower in the Grand Rapids metropolitan area, although Kent and Ottawa counties have relatively high private school enrollment rates. The Rudolf Steiner School in Ann Arbor has 355 students in two buildings, one from preschool to eighth grade and an institute.

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