Does Kalamazoo Central Have School Today?

Due to hazardous road conditions, Kalamazoo Public Schools (KPS) will be closed tomorrow, February. On Memorial Day, all buildings are shut down. To attend a sporting event at Kalamazoo Central (KC), you can purchase tickets online or at the door. All spectators must take a seat in the stands and are not allowed to stand near the fences or play in the long jump zone.

KC is a smoke-free environment for everyone, including adults. Vaping or any other type of electronic smoking device is not permitted, so leave those items at home or in your car. If a student is found cursing or refusing to follow instructions from campus security, game administration, or an adult, they may be removed from the game and lose the privilege of being a spectator during the winter season. We appreciate the support of the community and want all viewers to feel welcome and comfortable. Parents, talk to your students about general expectations for attending sporting events such as following adult instructions, using appropriate language, not throwing objects, staying in their seats and focusing on the game, and encouraging our Giants to victory.

Have you moved recently? If so, make sure to update your contact information with the school office so that there is a good flow of communication between school and home.

The Kalamazoo Promise

is a scholarship program for every resident Kalamazoo Public School graduate that provides up to 100% tuition for post-secondary education. To be eligible for this scholarship, students must be enrolled as full-time students (normally 12 credit hours per semester). Exceptions are made for all students at Kalamazoo Valley Community College, all students enrolled during summer semesters, and on a case-by-case basis for all other students. This scholarship program provides up to 145 tuition credits (in-state) and mandatory fees for post-secondary education (based on the previous scale).

Mandatory fees are defined using the same definition as the Michigan Education Trust and are determined by each educational institution. Elementary and middle school students will not be able to purchase tickets unless accompanied by an adult. Middle and elementary school students attending KC soccer games must attend with a parent or guardian. Before the Roosevelt School was built in 1909, around 1883-84 an earlier school was built on East Main Street and Gilbert.

Central Kalamazoo students are entitled to the Kalamazoo Promise

, which offers reduced or free college tuition to students attending Michigan public universities. Located on the northwest corner of Lake and Russell Streets in the Edison neighborhood, the first Lake Street school was erected in 1880 and demolished in 1958. The overcrowding at Roosevelt Elementary School on the east side of Kalamazoo led the School Board in the 1920s to search for a location for a new school.

The School Board prevailed, setting a precedent by allowing publicly funded secondary education across the country. The Kalamazoo Board of Education signed a lease agreement for a building on the south side of West Main Street between Arlington and Prairie for the West Main Street school. The tuition benefit will be based on the duration of continuing attendance and residence in the Kalamazoo public school system. This scholarship can only be used at one school per semester; all sessions starting from May to August are considered one semester. Every day, thousands of people pass by the Community Education Center, also known as “Old Central” located on South Westnedge Avenue and Vine Street without realizing that there has been a school on that site since 1858. Kalamazoo Central is an amazing place with many opportunities available for its students. With its commitment to providing quality education through its various programs such as The Kalamazoo Promise scholarship program, KC is an ideal place for students looking to pursue higher education.

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