What School District is Kalamazoo, Michigan In?

Kalamazoo RESA is one of the 57 middle school districts in Michigan that is dedicated to providing excellent service. Located at Orient Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49004, the district can be contacted at (269) 488-1050. GreatSchools is a non-profit organization that provides parents with the necessary information to help them find the best education for their children, schools that strive for excellence, and communities that work to reduce educational inequalities. Unfortunately, this district has a higher number of schools whose students are not making as much academic progress as their peers from other schools in the state.

Mike Martin
Mike Martin

Mike Martin is a seasoned guide adept at assisting students in their preparation for admissions tests. Holding a Master's degree in Education from the prestigious University of Cambridge, Mike is deeply committed to offering invaluable advice and effective strategies to help students succeed. His expertise in the educational field is geared towards ensuring students are well-prepared and confident as they approach these crucial assessments.

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