Do teachers at private school earn more?

Private school teachers did not have easy access to state education department conferences and workshops like public school teachers, so curriculum guidance came mainly from the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and other conferences. Another factor that influences the difference in the wage scale between public and private teachers is the demand for teachers depending on the student population. From there, they develop a curriculum for the school year that highlights important parts of their education. As a public school teacher, I had little interest and even less understanding of the budgeting process, so it was the responsibility of those who worked in the central office.

By taking the time to review the factors that influence differences in teacher pay, you can set your work priorities and limit your search to the public or private sector. Part of the school's philosophy was that making the school successful was everyone's responsibility, from janitors and secretaries to teachers, management and the board of directors. In general, private school teachers have more resources than public school teachers, and they also enjoy smaller class sizes and other benefits. In other public schools, families don't have the option to take time off from work, don't have transportation, or can't afford babysitters to care for younger children when they come to school.

In general, classes in private schools have between 10 and 15 students (although they may be larger and usually have two teachers in lower schools), and this size allows teachers to understand their students more fully and know how to reach them. Because these schools charge different admission prices, their teacher salaries can represent a wide range. This usually means that they subject their candidates to admissions processes, which often include interviews, and they grant admission quite selectively based on their school values. Basically, the main reason why private school teachers are paid less is because there is less demand for private school teachers than for public schools; lower demand is three times lower than that of public schools.

Teaching is rewarding in and of itself, but finding the right school in terms of philosophy and culture can turn a good job into a true vocation. This is because, while private schools hire whoever they want, state laws require that public schools hire only licensed teachers.

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