Photography at Cranbrook: What You Need to Know

Are you looking for a stunning backdrop for your next photoshoot? Cranbrook House & Gardens in Bloomfield, Michigan may be the perfect place. With its lush gardens and historic buildings, it's no wonder that many people are drawn to this picturesque location. But before you start planning your photoshoot, there are a few things you should know about photography at Cranbrook. At Cranbrook, we encourage guests to take pictures of the gardens during their visit.

The outdoor areas of Cranbrook House & Gardens are open to the public to tour and take pictures with a personal camera, during opening hours with admission. However, the photographs must be for personal use only and cannot be sold, used for promotional or advertising purposes, or published online or in print without Cranbrook's prior approval. The use of tripods, accessories, lighting and other photography equipment is also not allowed. Photography is an important part of our social and political life.

At Cranbrook, we accept this story and use it as common ground for creators of all kinds to explore how technical images mediate our experience of the world. Our commitment to thinking through creation supports an experiential approach to photography as a means of physical and social participation. Persons wishing to take photographs in Cranbrook must select one of the approved professional photographers listed below for programmatic, contractual and liability reasons. The photographs must be for personal use and cannot be sold, used for promotional or advertising purposes, or published online or in print without Cranbrook's prior approval.

The Cranbrook School grounds are also incredible, but keep in mind that there are strict photography policies that don't allow professional photography on their grounds. Use of Cranbrook land by professional or amateur photographers as a backdrop for portraits such as weddings, engagements, family photos, modeling portfolios, graduation photos, etc., is not allowed. So if you're looking for a beautiful backdrop for your next photoshoot, consider visiting Cranbrook House & Gardens. Just make sure you follow the photography policies so you can enjoy your visit without any issues.

Mike Martin
Mike Martin

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