Why are schools closed in michigan?

Whitmer closes all schools in Michigan for three weeks due to coronavirus. All Michigan public schools will close for three weeks starting Monday, in an effort to prevent the spread of the potentially deadly coronavirus. Below is a list of current weather-related school and business closures in and around the Detroit metropolitan area. Refresh your page for the latest closures.

Keep in mind that not all the shutdowns on FOX 2 Detroit will be mentioned, but you'll always find a full list here. Michigan schools are working hard to maintain a safe environment while providing quality education. In order to promote consistent reporting between states, the MDHHS has adopted the updated standardized school surveillance guidance on COVID-19 from the National Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE) for the classification of groups and outbreaks. Please note that students or staff who were exposed to COVID-19 outside of school and who are not believed to have spread the disease on school grounds (due to quarantine, self-isolation, etc.) Groups and outbreaks will be removed from the list when no new confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 are identified 28 days after the last known school exposure due to a case.

If you have questions or concerns about this information, contact your school or local health department. This information does not provide a complete picture of school-related groups and outbreaks in Michigan, and the absence of identified groups or outbreaks in an educational institution does not in any way demonstrate that, in fact, that school is not experiencing any. The previous CSTE definition had a lower outbreak threshold and required 2 or more cases of COVID-19 related to a school.

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